American Idol Top 9 Performances & Results

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American Idol Top 9 Performances & Results

Note: I was reviewing the performances as I went along, but had a massive nose bleed which somehow resulted in me closing this window without saving the performances review!  So this replacement review may seem a little bit half arsed, sorry.  I'll include links that are better than me on a good day anyway though.

At the start of the show when we were being introduced to Ryan and the judges, I could barely hear anything Ryan was saying over the audience's screaming.  Ryan is probably the best host of one of these shows, but not even he has fully mastered the skill of shutting the audience the f**k up yet!

Aubrey Cleland won the sing off for the tour vote.  I don't know if you care about that?  I don't.  On to more relevant things...

I am glad that the order of the judge's comments change from performance to performance, it gives Mariah a chance to not repeat something that has already been said and then blather on about God knows what for a few eons.

1. Kree Harrison: With a Little Help From My Friends
Apparently she had a sore throat during rehearsals.  She gave a spot on vocal performance as usual, but it would have been nice to see her let loose and perform a bit more.

2. Burnell Taylor: Let It Be
I'm sorry, I find it unbelievable that someone who wants to be a professional singer would not know this song.  Has he never watched this show before?  It has been covered several billion times here.
I thought that the verses were atrocious, he managed to get through the choruses mostly in tune but there was nothing special about this performance.

3. Amber Holcolm: She's Moving Out
Well, I can forgive someone for not knowing this song, since I don't know it myself.  I'm not exactly a Beatles fan, but how can you not know Let It Be?!
Anyway, Amber sang beautifully and this was a much better song choice than the one she made last week.
Keith said that this was his favourite Beatles song.  Really?

4. Lazaro Arbos: In My Life
I know that there are a lot of people who believe that Lazaro should have been the first to go, which I completely disagree with.  I think America got it 100% right last week, Curtis was definitely the right person to go home last week.
However, Lazaro was easily the second worst person to make it into the Top 10, and NOW with Curtis gone, he cannot get off my screen soon enough, but I suspect he won't be going anywhere for a while.
This was the worst performance of the night and probably one of the worst of the season thus far.

5. Candice Glover: Come Together
Yay, somehting uptempo from Candice!  Once again, best of the night, Candice continues to slay!  I do think that Candice puts on a "feeling things" face when performing, so I don't really know what Nicki was going on about here, but then again I usually don't.

6. Paul Jolley: Eleanor Rigby
Lol, remember Casey Donovan's performance of this song?  Obviously paul's perfromance was better than that, but it was still nothing special.  I'm not sure what mariah was on about with the whole "you should do a dance record" stuff though...

7. Angie Miller: Yesterday
I thought that ANgie sang beautifully and I like this more than I liked last week's performance, but lol I can't believe that I sort of agree with Nicki on somehting!  Nicki thinks that Angie could do Disnaey soundtracks and I agree with the perfromance had a Disney feel to it, but it was more like one of the Disney characters singing, rather than one of the soundtrack singers.  It was a good perfromance though and I don't see Angie losing her front runner status after this week.

8. Devin Valez:
Once again, good vocals but it just felt like he was going through the motions.

9. Janelle Arthur: I Will
This was the first time that I enjoyed a Janelle performance since Hollywood week, she sounded great here.  It's funny to think that she was once a front runner, she may start to regain a bit of that status after this week.

Best of the night: Candice
Worst of the night: Lazaro (and by a landslide!)

I'll be back in a minute for the results.
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Re: American Idol Top 9 Performances & Results


I am relieved that they don't seem to be doing the rankings as a permanant thing, I thought that was a really dumb idea, but I can get over it if it was only for the first results show.

The group performance from the guys was a bit of a trainwreck, as group numbers usually are, the one from the girls was quite decent, however.

I think that Jimmy was more accurate than last week in his evaluation of the contestants, however, I still don't get how Kree oversings.

I thought that casey Abrhams performance was abysmal, I never got him when he was a contestant on Season 10 at all.

Paul Jolley was the first person into the bottom three tonight, I wonder if Paul Jolley Day in his hometown will be cancelled now?  At least he got to take his plaque over with him to the stools of doom.  Lazaro was safe, which was annoying, Devin joined Paul in the bottom three, which was not surprising.

Next, Jessica Sanchez came back to the Idol stage to perform her new single Tonight with Ne-Yo.  She got a much longer intro package than most guests recieved.
I was rather disapointed with the song, I loved Jessica as a contestant last season, but this was a real let down.
The sound mix was also appauling, I could hardly hear her or Ne-Yo singing.

The last person to join the bottom three was Amber, which was disapointing, but not particularly shocking.
Paul recieved the fewest amount of votes and had to sing for his life.
He reprised Alone for his save me song, it was decent for the  most part, but rather shrill when he went for the high notes.  The judges did not decide to save him, which was the surprise of the century.  SARCASM.

Next week's theme will be Motown, oh for f**k's sake!

See you next week!
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Re: American Idol Top 9 Performances & Results

In reply to this post by BJKAAVE
Kree Harrison - "With A Little Help From My Friends"
I can see this being nice in a hotel lobby, but it's no way to dress like or perform like a superstar. If the rest of them are going to try & "finesse" The Beatles' simple songs nearly this much, then this is gonna be a long & painful show.

Burnell Taylor - "Let It Be"
This whole thing felt really uncomfortable and creepy to me. I'm completely over his gropey hand movements when he sings - don't you try & fondle ME through my television screen you Urkel lookalike weirdo!

Amber Holcomb - "She's Leaving Home"
I didn't mind this one.

Lazaro Arbos - "My Life"
Unfortunately this is another one of those weeks it feels like Lazaro is only still here for the sob story value. The performance was totally boring to me.

Candice Glover - "Come Together"
I was excited by this performance, just great!

Paul Jolley - "Eleanor Rigby"
I didn't mind that he kept it simple, that's how The Beatles' songs are SUPPOSED to be sung normally, IMO.

Angie Miller - "Yesterday"
A little bit of vocal gymnastics to make it seem modern, but thankfully not too much. It was reasonably pleasant.

Devin Velez - "Thwe Long and Winding Road"
This was a super arrangement of the song which totally suited his vocal ability. If I have one criticism, it's that it felt like the arrangement (not his voice) was running out steam towards the end.

Janelle Arthur - "I Will"
Too obscure of a song for me, and she didn't make it work all that well. It left me totally un-engaged.

Best - Devin, Candice

Worst - Nicki Minaj's commentary, Lazaro, Janelle, Burnell