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American Idol Top 7

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Ugh, this show was supposed to start at 7:30am but was delayed until 8:30 for Jamie F**king Oliver!!!
Well I'm already pissed off!!
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Re: American Idol Top 7

A big deal was made about the fact that Orianthi was the guitarist tonight.  She has a new album out, you learn something new every day.  I'd have been surprised to learn that she was still alive, that is if I cared that much, I haven't heard anything of her since "According to You", maybe she's a bigger deal in America...

1. Burnell Taylor: You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi
Well, this would have to be one of the most enthusiasm free performances that I have ever seen.  Burnell looked completely humiliated throughout this song and his singing continued its decrease in quality, as it has been doing for the past few weeks.

2. Lazaro & Angie: Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love
I agreed with Mariah that this was a poor song choice for a duet by the producers, and I felt for Angie having to perform with Lazaro.  Once again, he forgot his words, although he did fake it better than last week, which is not saying anything really, since he did not cover it AT ALL last week and actually forgot most of his words then.  Angie tried to help him out, but it was futile by that point.

3. Kree Harrison: Piece of My Heart by Erma Franklin
Apparently Kree is a real sweetheart.  I really feel like I should be liking Kree's performances so much more than I have been, she is very likeable and has a beautiful voice.  But she is SO zombie like on stage!  I understand that she had a piched nerve this week, but what's the excuse for last week and the week before?  I will say though, that she sounded beautiful as always, but she is becoming ver same old, same old.
I want to love Kree, but right now she's just coasting along for me.

4. Candice & Burnell: The Letter by The Box Tops
Burnell sounded better than he has in weeks, but it all kind of went out the window when Candice came on and sang him off the stage.

5. Janelle Arthur: You May Be Right by Billie Joel
For me, Janelle took a trip back to mediocrity tonoght.  She still worked the stage very well, but there was nothing special about the vocals.

6. Lazaro Arbos: We Are The Champions by Queen
It was funny to see the other contestants make fun of Lazaro's ridiculous poses after a performance.
Once again, no range whatsoever, just a completely monotone performance.

7. Janelle, Kree and Amber: It's Still Rock and Roll to Me
Yes Amber, there absolutely was something wrong with the clothes you were wearing!
I actually have nothing else to say about this performance.

8. Candice Glover: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones
I don't think that this was the best song choice that Candice could have made, but I see a lot of unnecessary bitching about this performance online!  I mean, she still hit some crazy notes and put in more rock energy than anyone else tonight (not that she put in that much before I am accused of having no idea what rocking out is, I'm just comparing her to everyone else and besides this is Idol, what is everyone expecting, for her to incite a f***ing mosh pit!  Ok, now I'm going off topic...)
I would have maybe preffered something from Guns N Roses, Led Zepplin or maybe even ACDC but I won't complain about this too much...

9. Amber Holcomb: What About Love by Heart
Ok, Idol really has no idea what a rock ballad is, since this was supposed to be "NO BALLADS ALLOWED" week!
Having said that, Amber sang flawlessly, I may have to watch it back before I decide if it actually warrented a standing ovation but it was definetly my favourite performance of the night.

10. Angie Miller: Bring Me to Life by Evanescence
Wasn't this supposed to be Classic Rock week at one stage?  I love Evanesence but I wouldn't label them as "Classic" just yet.
Anyway, There have been requests on other sights for Angie to sing an Evanescence song and people comparing her voice to Amy Lee (my favourite female singer in the world who someone on IDF had the audacity to say sounds terrible live!  I saw Evanesence live in 2007 and can say that that is utter bullshit).  After this performance, those comparisions can now be put to rest.  Angie couldn't hold a candle to Amy Lee, her version couldn't even hold a candle to Sally Chatfield's from a few years ago.  I would even say that Lavina Williams' version from Aus Idol 4 was superior to this.  Angie was offensively bad or anything though, I just think that she bite off more than she could chew.  That's all I'm gonna say.
I think I'm gonna go listen to some Evanescence albums now...
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Re: American Idol Top 7

In reply to this post by BJKAAVE
Oh wait!  The results!

The Top 7 performed Queen's "Somebody to LOve" and it was decent as far as group numbers go.

The judges had to reveal their personal top three and only one of them had Candice in it, which was insulting!  I'm really hoping this was just for this week's performances and not for ther whole series!   Even for this week, it was still wrong but I could get past that, but not for the series as a whole.

Season 9's Casey James came back to perform his new single The Good Life.  Um, good on him for having music out, I guess.

Carrie Underwood also performed her new single "See You Again".  I quite liked the song, but I have heard Carrie sing much better in the past.  The Voice US likes to proclaim itself the best singing show on TV, but I would really like to see them produce a Kelly or a Carrie.  Carrie performing tonight was a good reminder that Idol is the only one of these shows that has so far produced long lasting stars.

The Top 3 for this week in the voting were Kree, Angie and Lazaro.  LAZARO?!  FFS!!

Candice and Amber were also safe.  The bottom two were janelle and Burnell.

In the end Burnell was the lowest vote getter who had to sing for the save, which he did not recieve.  He sang quite well, so he can at least go out on a slightly high note.

I'm guessing that next week a girl will be the lowest vote getter and that the save will be used.