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American Idol Top 6

They started out the show tonight by making out Burnell's outster last week to be a huge shock, when it was a surprise to no one really.  The scene with Nicki crying and hugging him contained the worst acting I have ever seen outside of Neighbours.

There were two themes tonight.  The first was Burt Bacharach songs (I'm guessing next week will be "Hyms of the Dark Ages" and songs that the contestants wish that they had written (so sing whatever you want, basically.)

1. Angie Miller: Anyone Who Had a Heart by Dionne Warwick
Angie and her friend put up embarrasing videos on YouTube that she totally doesn't think we should watch.  I guess that's why you would put them on YouTube then...
I thought that Angie looked and sounded gorgeous, but I agree with Keith that there was a lack of connection here, probably due to the theme she had to adhere to.  Nicki thought that this was old fashioned, well yeah it's a song from the 1960's!  I like to hear old songs made current as well, but the old themes this season are getting tedious at this point.  Mariah thinks that Angie overpronounces her words, I agree but I prefer that to the mushy diction of certain other contestants.

2. Amber Holcolmb: I Say a Little Prayer by Dionne Warwick
I think that Amber's had better vocal performances and I disagree that this screamed star quality or whatever crap the judges were sprouting.  Nicki's claim that Amber was her favourite girl in the contest was going to come back and bite her later in the episode.

3. Lazaro Arbos: Close to You by The Carpenters
Just appauling.
Mariuah's critique took eons as well, which was irritating.  Just say that he missed the key change and move on!

4. Kree Harrison: What the World Needs No Is Love by Jackie DeShannon
I like how she started acapella, I wish she had done the whole performance like that.  Again, a faultless vocal from Kree, but the dead fish eyes remained.

5. Janelle Arthur: I'll Never Fall in Love Again by Dione Warwick
This would have to be Janelle's weakest vocal performance for quite some time, but I still really like her as a performer.

6. Candice Glover: Don't Make Me Over by Dione Warwick
So yeah, here is where Nicki looked like a complete and utter twat (well more of one).  Amber will never be at Candice's level, and I do really like Amber but Candice slayed the rest of the competition tonight.  This was the best performance of the season up until this point and this makes every judge who didn't have Candice in their Top 3 last week look like an utter fool (Mariah was actually the voice of reason in that scenario, wow!).

7. Angie Miller: Love Came Down by Kari Jobe
After much prompting, Angie finally got back behind the piano.  I think this was her best performance of the finals so far.  Nicki's critique was whack, I'm not sure if she was trying to be positive or negative!  No, clearly Angie is not "Outta Here!" if she doesn't give performances like this, she wasn't even in the bottom three for Shop Around, easily her weakest performance.

8. Amber Holcomb: Love On Top by Beyonce
I've never really been a fan of this song, but I suppose Amber did the best she could with it.  But no Nicki, Beyonce doesn't need to be "watch'n out!", that was a ridiculous statement!

9. Lazaro Arbos: Angels by Robbie Williams
This was a huge improvement from his first performance, but even a saying that doesn't mean that I thougt this was a good performance at all.

10. Kree Harrison: Help Me Make It Through the Night by Kris Kristofferson
This was my favourite Kree performance since she sang Stronger in the semi finals, I think that Jimmy telling her not to oversing (which she never did anyway) has caused her to hold back since she got to the top ten, which is responsible for the zombie like performances.

11. Janelle Arthur: The Dance by Garth Brookes
I thought Janelle sounded nice in this performance.  I feel a bit sorry for her at this point.  She seems really lovely, but by rights she should really be the first girl to go.  
Nicki putting her down her during Kree's critique was out of line though.

12. Candice Glover: Love Song by The Cure
Wow!  I had my doubts about Candice's chances of making the finale before tonight, but this changed all of that!  It's kind of like the buzz that Samantha Jade got after "Heartless", although Candice has never been hanging on by a thread in the voting like Sammi was on three separate occasions, so I am now very confident that she can go all the way!
I'm glad that mariah just threw glitter and didn't critique, I was dreading another long winded speech...

Best of the night: Candice

Worst of the Night: Lazaro
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Re: American Idol Top 6

Results Show

I found the medley to be a bit of a mess, but I'm not one to have high hopes for group numbers anyway.

Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery came back to perform his new single "See You Tonight".  Mediocre vocals, just as I would expect from Scotty, I never did get his appeal musically, I know why Middle America lost their sh*t over him, but he has actually sold well since the show.

Kelly Clarkson then performed her new song "People Like Us', which was much more appealing for me.  Her make up looked atrocious though!  I quite liked her song, i'd probably have to hear it a few more times to decide where to rank it amongst her singles.  Her anter with Mariah at the end was rather cute, it's nice to see that Kelly's persoanlity really hasn't changed over the years.

Ryan divided the contestants up into three groups, I hate when they do it like this, it always drags on.
Kree and Candice were the top two, as they should be.
Angie and Janelle were the mid pack contenders this week, which was appropriate for Angie and I guess acceptable for Janelle after their performances.
Lazaro and Amber were in the bottom two, I personally would have ranked Amber above Janelle this week, but I guess I'm not outraged over the result.

in the end lazaro was the one in danger and was not saved.  It was the right decision, but I dread to think how they will get around this extra week they have now that the save is out the window.
Having a non elimination week would be the most simple way of doing it, they would proabably announce it at the end of next week's results show as a "surprise" but most people would be expecting it.