American Idol Top 10 Performances and Results

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American Idol Top 10 Performances and Results

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Well, I have to say that I'm really hating on the fact that they are now only showing this on Fridays and chucking the performances and results into a two and a half hour time frame!  They really rushed through a lot of this tonight, it was like that Australian Idol 2004 Top 12 DVD that I used to have where they would just cut a scene off randomly to get to the next performance, which was weird on that DVD since they weren't exactly on a deadlone but anyway, I don't want to get off track...

The theme tonight was "Songs of the American Idols", which included their winner's singles, when it was previously reported that it wouldn't and probably shouldn't have, who would really choose to cover one of those things?!
Tonight was an abysmal collection of awful song choices and underwhelming deliveries, I would say that only one contstant managed to slay.  
Nicki continued her unprofessionalism by showing up late and missing the first performance.  The contestants constantly referring to Jimmy Iovine as a "legend" and "iconic" was quite amusing, as if they would be able to pick him out of a lineup just over two years ago before he joined the show as the resident mentor.


1. Curtis Finch Jnr: I Believe by Fantasia (Winner's single 2004)

Curtis stated that it was not his goal to outdo Fantasia with this song.  The implication was that he could though.  He really couldn't, Fantasia make quite an impact with this song and I'm really not a fan of her's.  Despite her performance of this in the 2004 finale perfromance night, this isn't really a great song, it is actually pretty corny.  Curtis sounded pretty awful throughout this, he was off pitch the whole way through and he made the final "BEEELIEEEEEEEVEEEE!!!!" note sound like he was being tortured.
The judges critique just amounted to this being a predictable song choice but they didn't mention anything about the bad vocals!

2. Janelle Arthur: Gone by Montgomery Gentry (performed by Scotty McCreery in Season 10)

Janelle gets points for singing the only uptempo song of the evening, but she loses them for paying homage to the awful Scotty McCreery!  I do think she has a lot of stage presence and knows how to work the audience but the vocal performance was not a stand out.  She did seem to struggle with breath control and it was unsurprising that she had a dry throat and mouth after the performance, that's what I always get after I sing (badly) since I don't know hpw to breath properly while singing.  Not that I sing anywhere besides my own car when I have no passengers (it's not like I could get better even with beath control though), and obviously Janelle has a potentially good voice, but not knowing how to breath properly is definitely going to get in the way of that.

3. Devin Velez: Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood

He wanted to show his versatility and prove that he was more than just a ballad singer by..., singing another ballad?  Okay then.  In my opinion it was the best male vocal of the night, but it wasn't exactly a compelling performance.

4. Angie Miller: I Surrender by Celine Dion (performed by Kelly Clarkson in Season 1)

Angie made a collossal mistake by saying that she could sing this as well as Kelly Clarkson.  Sweeetheart, do NOT even go there!  Angie hit all of her notes and this was, in my opinion, one of the top three performances of the night, but don't boast about being able to sing as well as Kelly, because this was still below her rendition of the song and obviously it came nowhere near the Celine Dion original.

5. Paul Jolley: Amazed by Lonestar (performed by Scotty McCreery in Season 10)

Ok, so the band are appauling and the contestants do have to fight to be heard over them, but several people managed it tonight, so the fact that I could barely hear paul at times leads me to believe that he has one of the weaker voices in the competition.  I really can't fathom this song choice, it's such a bore and was butchered by Baylie Brown last year.  I know that doesn't necessarily mean everyone is going to have a disaster with it, and Paul's performance wasn't a disaster but some songs really should be retired based on past performances.

6. Candice Glover: I Who Have Nothing by Ben E King (performed by Jordin Sparks in Season 6)

Yay, at least there was one!  I sure needed waking up and although this was another ballad, candice crushed everyone else in the show tonight.  I have been on the fence about her, like mostly everyone else this season, but I guess this makes up my mind, she is my favourite for now.  I do feel like she put her own twist on this to make it different from the version that Jordin did a few years ago and I do think that she made this feel contemporary despite the song being fifty odd years old, which was some comfort in a season of dinosaur song choices.  I know that people BS about "feeling the song", but this was a really good example of it.

7. Lazaro Arbos: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

Along with the performance from Curtis, this was one of only two trainwrecks of the night.  The backdrop was so silly, what was up there?  A Kelly song was obviously way too big for him and he really has no range.  The start was too low for him, and he really can't belt the chorus like he should be able to if he wants to sing this song.
His tone to me feels like a poverty stricken man's Dean Geyer, if that makes any sense.
Side note: Keith asking Lazaro to explain his song choice at length was probably the dumbest move since Guy Sebastian asked Shiane Hawke what singing True Colours meant to her, it was a face palm moment, all right!

8. Kree Harrison: Crying by Roy Orbison (performed by Carrie Underwood in Season 4)

Jimmy told Kree not to oversing.  I take this as proof that he pays no attention to the show, as I really don't think Kree has oversang at any point in the competition, just like I really don't see how Angie is "pageanty".
Anyway, Kree sounded fine, but I was bored to tears.  I do get the feeling she is capable of more.
Keith smelling Nicki's drink for drugs or alcohol during her critique was funny though.
On the other hand, Randy telling Kree that her performance made him feel good all over will put me off eating for a few days...

9. Burnell Taylor: Flying Without Wings by Westlife ( Winner's single by Rueben Studdard in Season 2)

Not a great vocal and a boring performance/song choice.  I don't really have much to say, Burnell doesn't leave enough of an impression for me to write to big of a review for him.

10. Amber Holcomb: A Moment Like This by Kelly Clarkson (Winner's single 2002 Season 1)

Amber is one of the best singers in the show at this point, but she is also one of the worst song choosers!  If you are going to pick a Kelly Clarkson song, why pick one of her ballads, especially the second lamest one after Breakaway.  Her uptempo's are her best, obviously she can slay a ballad they aren't her best songs lyrically.
Anyway, back to Amber, she sounded fine but it's not a performance that I'll remember by the end of the season.
She got another standing ovation from everyone excpet mariah, for the same reason she didn't give one to Camdice probably, and Nicki said that it was the best performance of the night.  Um, no.  It wasn't a patch on Candice's performance, but i would put it at second best for the night.

So in my opinion, the best of the night was Candice and the two worst were Lazaro and Curtis.  I think a lot of potential for some current song choices was lost on this episode, it was a shame to not hear more post Idol material covered.

Will be back tomorrow for the Result Show recap.

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Re: American Idol Top 10 Performances and Results

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Curtis Finch Jr - "I Believe"
The performance was too understated, almost apologetic. Taking a "yeah yeah yeah" page out of Fantasia's book just mades me want to throw a stone through the TV. By the end I could't WAIT for this to be over so I can start forgetting about it!

Janelle Arthur - "Gone"
She looks confident and nicely dressed, but the singing was a downer. Breath control while she walked around stage was noticeably poor, and in general she seemed to struggle to keep up with the pace of the song.

Devin Velez - "Temporary Home"
Devin remains a front runner in the competition with this song, if it was up to me. This performance is in a whole different league compared to the first 2 songs of the night - it's like they're amateurs and he's a pro.

Angela Miller - "I Surrender"
The singing wasn't exactly bad. Range was good but power not so much. If she was trying to match Kelly Clarkson's passion, I think she flopped on that score.

Paul Jolley - "Amazed"
Jimmy gave Paul good advice here, and for the first time I feel like Paul might just deserve to be here.

Candice Glover - "I Who Have Nothing"
What was the big surprise? Not that I needed it to enjoy her powerful performance of this song, but if you're gonna promise something then don't leave me waiting!

Lazaro Arbos - "Breakaway"
Another Kelly song that's performed ok, but absolutely NO match for Kelly Clarkson herself.

Kree Harrison - "Crying"
This was NICE! Very classic country tones, and for once she didn't come out on stage dressed like she was at rehearsals.

Burnell Taylor - "Flying Without Wings"
For the most part this was good, but his top notes come across a bit shoutey.

Amber Holcomb - "A Moment Like This"
Sorry Amber, but it's 3 out of 3 wins to Kelly tonight.

Best - Kree, Candice

Worst - Janelle, Curtis (I initially wrote Lazaro here because I'd succeeded in forgetting Curtis' awful performance!)
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Re: American Idol Top 10 Performances and Results

In reply to this post by BJKAAVE

Back for results!  I do have to say that I HATED the fact that they revealed the rankings of the contestants in the votes!  They did this on X Factor US last year, it was a terrible idea there and it took away the suspense from that season, I really cannot understand why they would implement it here now.

At the start of the show, Ryan told Devin, Janelle and Candice that they each recieved the highest amount of votes from their home states.  It's going to get very boring if they continue breaking down the results like this each week, I hope thus was just a one off.  
Candice was revealed to be among the top three vote getters for the evening and so she should be.

Next, the finalists performed a group number, which was really just a plug for the new movie "The Croods".

We were then introduced to the Mayor of Kree's city, like anybody gave a s. t.  He handed Kree the key to the city, which was a bit premature, I think.  Wait until she makes it into the actual top three for that, if she does make it that far and gets the whole "Homecoming Event" thing.  Kree was, however, in the top three for this week

Bon Jovi then performed some song that I don't know and I really can't be bothered to look it up now.

We then had a sing off between the sixth highest vote getting guy and girl from last week to compete for a place on the tour and I was hoping that they would cut out this non-event when they aired the show here.  It was Aubrey and Charlie, by the way, but I found this to be so irrelevant that I cannot be arsed to discuss it.

Next, last year's winner Phillip Phillips returned to perform his new single "Gone, Gone, Gone", which is where I wish he would be, gone from the spotlight!  He sounded and looked just as constipated as he ever did when he was a contestant last season and afterwards, he looked completely zoned out, just as he ever did.  He has always seemed to me like he has had a labotomy at some point.

After that, they revealed that Lazaro beat Angie in the votes in Florida but that Angie was in the top three overall for the week.  They then revealed the individual rankings for everyone who placed 4th to 8th before taking a break for the elimination announcement.  The rankings were:

4th: Lazaro
5th: Amber ( Even with the pimp spot and a standing ovation!  This should be a sign to her that she needs to lift her game song choice wise)
6th: Janelle
7th: Burnell

So that means the bottom three were Devin, Curtis and Paul.  I believe this is the first time since Season 6 that the bottom three have all been male for the first week of the finals.
Paul placed 8th in the voting and was safe.
Nicki threatened to quit if Curtis was to be eliminated, yeah right!  You didn't even bother to show up for his performance Nicki!  Idiot!
Curtis indeed had the fewest number of votes and had to sing for his place in the competition.  Randy and Jeith were talking during his performance, the fact that the judges don't sit and watch the contestant give their "sing for your life" performance and make a decision during a commercial break shows me that the decision has already been made by producers earlier in the show about whether or not the lowest vote getter will be saved.
If they wanted us to believe that there was an actual deliberation, they would cut out some of the filler of the results show and leave time for a break after the eliminated contestant sings again.

So anyway, the "decision" was not unanimous and Curtis was sent packing.  I can't say I'm bothered by that.

Next week's theme is Lennon/McCartney and The Beatles.  Oh for God's sake...