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20 Worst Performances

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Hi all,
So I was hoping to do this before the live shows for this series started but ran out of time.  I think I will keep this as the list I would have before last Monday night, although if I include that I would add Jason's performance in here, that was certainly awful.  Then again, it wouldn't exactly upset the order that much, since although there were some great performances last week, there was nothing that would go on my best ever list.
Anyway, these are the 20 worst performances from the live shows of any season of Idol/X Factor/ The Voice, incase you wonder why there are no bad auditions listed in here.

20. Lakyn Heperi: Forever Young
     The Voice Australia Season 1 debut of Teams Joel & Keith
Sorry for the poor quality link, it was all I could find.
For all the talk of the superior talent of The Voice and all the credibility that this program has, you have to remember that there was still some dross that snuck into the live shows.  This guy was just as weak a vocalist as any of the Under 25 boys from any year of X Factor and the show let him in while they didn't even invite Tara Lynn Sharrock to the blind auditions.  Just goes to show, no reality singing program will be immune from the cute boy advancing further than singers more talented than him.

19. Stacy Francis: It's All Coming Back to Me Now
     The X Factor USA Season 1 Top 10 Rock Week
The best example of a singer mistaking volume for quality.  Stacy did have potential, but absolutely no sense of self-awareness.  Just because you have a decent singing voice does not mean you are fit to take on Whitney/Celine/Aretha power ballads!  She seemed totally stunned by the negative comments that the judges gave her after ther performance!
This song was also originally recorded by an all female group called "Pandora's Box" not Meatloaf, he didn't record it until much later.

18. Sanjaya Malakar: Bathwater
     American Idol Season 6 Top 10 Songs that Gwen Stefani likes week
The worst ever theme idea of any show in the singing competition genre.
Words can't describe the sheer ridiculoussness of this performance, so I'll just leave you to view the link!

17. Paul McDonald: Folssom Prision Blues
     American Idol Season 10 Top 9 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Week
Aside from the atrocious vocals, this song is about being in prison for killing people and being regretful about that and Paul was singing about it like he was having the time of his life!  You don't sing about killing a man just to watch him die with a huge grin on your face unless you are trying to portay a Joker-like character in your performances or unless you just have no idea what you are singing about!

16. Leban Aden : Where I Wanna Be
    Australian Idol Season 1 Wildcard Performances
The link to this was hard to find!  Wow, this takes me back, I bet a lot of you wouldn't remember this but, ouch!  This was embarrasing, to say the least.  Marcia Hines even apologised for bringing him back for a wildcard, you know that when Marcia Hines gets critical, you blew really hard!

15. Andrew Lawson: Somewhere in The World
     The X factor Australia Season 1 Grand Final Performance Night
I still can't fathom this kid making it to third place without ever making an appearance in the bottom two!
His smug face still grates me to this day as does the way he would act like a petulant toddler every time he was given a negative critique.  This is the only performance of a coronation song that will be making my worst list, Andrew had given some pretty terrible performances throughout this season of X Factor but I think this is what finally derailed him.  I mean, who knows, we could have seen him in the Final 2 if it hadn't been for this, he had gotten away with murdering a song every week, it would have to be the comparision between his version of the winner's single with the other's that finally sent him to the bottom of the votes.  Then again, none of the Top 3 from that year had ever been in the bottom two so....
Anyway, back on topic, there was no singing to be heard in this performance, he looked like he didn't want to be there and Kyle's only defence for him after the performance was that the song sucked!  Ugh, lamest excuse ever for a woeful performance, at least it was honest unlike other judges blantabtly lying that their act gave a great performance when it was terrible but he acted like Andrew should get votes despite that.  Winner's singles sucking is basically tradition, people have still managed to sing them well and put on a believeable performance despite the cheesy lyrics.

14. Leah LaBelle: You Keep Me Haning On
    American Idol Season 3 Top 12 Soul Night
Hmm, I can't find a link to her original performance of this song, this is only the performance she gave on the results show, where she was eventually eliminated.  Her performance in this link is actually alot better than the one she gave on the first Top 12 show, so it doesn't really express how dire her original rendition was, but I'm still gonna place it at 14 anyway.
Leah was Paula Abdul's wildcard pick that year and she got eliminated on the first week, in every season of AI that has had a wildcard round, with the exception of Season 2, a person who has advanced to the Top 12 via a judge's wildcard choice has been the first to be voted out.  You may think that its inevitable since they were never the public's first choice, but the problem is that there are always better options than the people who the judges put through, I really wish that they would choose less fodder like contestants to fill these spots, it would make for more suspensful first elimination shows.

13. Rikki Loney : Respect
     The X Factor UK Series 6 Live Show 2 (Top 11) Divas Week
It always amuses me when people say that out versions of these shows have nothing on the US and UK versions when I see performances like this, the next one coming and morer further in this review.

12. Chris Rene: I'll Be There
     The X Factor USA Season 1 Top 7 Michael Jackson Week
This guy's sob story is what carried him as far as he went, bcause there was no actual singing throughout his time on the show.  This was arguably his worst performance, but the judges didn't seem to notice, while even Chris seemed embarrased after the song ended, Paula Abdul just told him that he is abundant in the heart department or something equally senseless.
The thing that annoyed me the most was his fanbase.  They acted like he was entitled to the win because he writes his own songs (so the f**k what?) and they still to this day sprout hate about Melanie Amaro for winning, claiming that XF is not a singing contest.  Well, the most successful winner from the franchise is a technically brilliant singer and there is no oficial rule that states that you actually have to have a weak voice to win the show.

11. Altiyan Childs: Kiss
    The X Factor Australia Season 1 Top 11 Musical Heroes
I still dry heave at images from this performance!  It was creepy, the singing was horrific and the pathetic attempt at falsetto was humiliating.
Prior to this season of X Factor Australia starting, people were complaining that the promos featured Reece Mastin, Leona Lewis and One Direction, but no Altiyan.  Um... would a trashed hotel room and an arrest for driving under the influence have looked good on the promo?  Because Altiyan has done nothing else notable since he won the show.  For all the faults that I find with the format of The Voice, they have at least accomplished in one season what the X Factor has failed to do in two (or three, technically), which is find a deserving winner.  Then again, I guess XF is improvng as it goes along, say what you will about Reece Mastin, and I have quite a few no so flattering things to say about him, he is definetly an imrovement as a winner over this cockhead, as hollow a compliment as that may be.

10. Declan Sykes: Smells Like Teen Spirit
     The X Factor Australia Season Two Top 9 1990's Week
You can find a more in-depth review of this performance in my review of the worst performances of last season.  Alot of Declan fans claimed that he was the "true artist" of last year, but what did he really do that was more artsy than Christina piano ballading Zombie, or Three Wishez adding raps and an RnB sound to songs by John Farnham and Adele?
I know there is probably a slower version of Zombie by The Cranberries by the band themselves so maybe Christina wasn't that inventive, but Declan never really strayed too far from the original versions of the songs he did, with the exception of this, but this was a trainwreck.

9. Janet Devlin: MmmBop
   The X Factor UK Series * Top 5 Guilty Pleasures Week
This performance was certainly guilty, if not perticularly pleasurable.  Janet's excuse for this car crash was that she was ill and was "about to throw up", but I'm pretty sure that she used that excuse several times.  Her fans still, to this day, blame everyone and everything but Janet for her dire performances, from her mentor Kelly Rowland, the theme weeks to her feeling ill.  They claim that the roducers pushed her under the bus, and they did to an extent, but it wasn't as if she was slaying her songs and then getting negative feedback, her performances ranged from average to completely hopeless from aout week 2 onwards.  This was finally the performance that derailed her and landed her in the bottom 2, where the judges promptly sent her home.

8. John Stevens (the red headed boy): Crocodile Rock
    American Idol Season 3 Top 9 Elton John Week
I can't even find a link to the performance, but I have posted a link to a review of the 10 worst performances from American Idol, where the reviewer places this t number 3 on the list.  I remember this kid actually got death threats when he eventually outlasted Jennifer Hudson, which is probably taking things to the extreme just a tad.  He did make it all the way to sixth place despite some awful performances though, it was embarrasing to sit through week after week.

7. Paige Miles: Against All Odds
   American Idol Season 9 Top 11 Billboard Number 1's Week
Simon Cowell had stated earlier in the season that Paige had the best voice of all the girls, exposing the fact that Simon Cowell had completely lost interest in Idol at the end and was not paying attention during this season.  She hadn't managed one decent performance at all during the live shows and this was the performance that finally did her in.

6. Brian Bradley (AKA Astro):  Umm... everything I guess
   The X Factor USA Season 1 7th placed finalist
Well, everything he did pretty much sounded the same, so I thought I'd just let all his performances share a place on the list, rather than have too many performances from the same people clutter up the list.

5. Danny Gokey: Dream On
    American Idol Season 8 Top 4 Rock Week
For some reason I can't find a link to the actual performance, but here's a link to the beyond hilarious screech!

4. Reed Grimm: Use Me
   American Idol Season 11 Wildcard Show
Again, the link to this performance has disappeared, but maybe try the one I have on my review of the Top 13 revealed episode in the episode chat section of this forum and see if its still active.  Trust me when I say it was bad, I'm not even sure if he was being serious, every single contestant and judge had a WTAF?! expression on their face during this, the judges didn't even clap when it was over!

3. Daniel Belle: Rock DJ
   Australian Idol Season 2 Semi Final Group 2
This is the most hilarious thing that ever happened on Australian Idol in all seven seasons, but Daniel seemed utterly oblivious to the fact that this was ridiculous.  He had only performed classical songs prior to the live shows and at the judges insistance that he try something contemporary, he picked this song and felt entitled to positive feeback.  The video is lacking his epic tantrum when the judges slam him, but the performance is entertainingly terrible enough.
It was funny when he argued back at Dicko after the negative comments to this, he expected to be praised automatically just for singing something pop!  While it is true that the judges on these shows urge contestants to get out of their comfort zones, then when they do, they tell them that they are not staying true to themselves, however, that was not the point when it came to this monstrosity!

2. Tyla Bertolli: Fighter
    The X Factor Australia Season Two Results Show Week 2 (Top 11)
She did Jacqui Newland one hell of a favour with this!  Because I thought Jacqui was doomed going into that sing off, but then Tyla came out and did this and bought Jacqui an extra week on the show.  Just one more singer who lacks any self awareness, maybe Mel blew too much smoke up her arse prior to the live shows and she let it go to her head when she was picking her "Save Me" song.  She didn't hit a single not during this performance and the speech she gave in the middle was epic, but not for the reasons she wanted it to be!

1. Frankie Cocozza: Every single live performance he gave
   The X Factor UK Series 8 disqualified finalist
Again, this is another contestant where I couldn't pick between his performances to decide which one belongs on the worst list, so I decided that they should share a spot.  The Number 1 spot!  This guy is the worst contestant to disgrace the live shows of any singing competition, he didn't sing a single note througout his entire run on the show!  Then he got disqualified for bragging about snorting cocaine and I can only imagine that the producers were doing the same thing when they decided that letting him on tv was a good idea.
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Re: 20 Worst Performances

Yikes! Not sure about clicking on the links and inflicting my ears to all that again! And I love Declan, but not too keen to revisit that version of SLTS. However, he has a single coming out soon (on the 8th) - very catchy and, surprisingly, very Country. You might like it BJ ( :

Also, your best performances review was great btw. Thanks for writing that up and including links - it was interesting that a majority were from Idol and few were from XF.

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Re: 20 Worst Performances

In reply to this post by BJKAAVE
Hmm, a more appropriate title for this thread would probably be "The 20 contestants who gave the worst performances", since I have two contestants with all of their performances sharing a spot.

Then again, that's because those two contestants basically gave the same performance week after week...
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Re: 20 Worst Performances

HMMM, might have to edit this list next week to include some Jason Owen and Shiane Hawke performances...