12 Worst Performances of The Series

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12 Worst Performances of The Series

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And the worst:

12. Fourtunate: Payphone

Ridiculous song choice, they all sounded flat and out of tune for the duration of the performance and didn't even sing in time with each other.  The annoying thing is that they were in the bottom two for much stronger performances than this.

11. Bella Ferraro: Bulletproof

The semi final was probably Bella's weakest week of the competition and it cost her a place in the final.  The other thing that factored into her elimination was Sami slaying on this particular night, and obviously one of the girls was going to leave that week and unfortunately for Bella, Sami gained a lot of momentum (which she shouldn't have needed, fair enough the semi final was her best week but she was never not brilliant, with the exception of Everytime in Top 10 week).  Anyway, I did really want Bella to make it to the final, but I can't vote for someone just because I wish they were doing better.  She sounded a mess during the performance and this was too critical a stage to try the dancing thing again when it is really not her forte.

10. Nathaniel Willemse: It Will Rain

This started out nicely, but got really strained and screechy towards the end and it was really a worry of this was the best he could do when his place in the competition was at risk.

9. The Collective: Hard Day's Night

I would like to believe that this is what started the boy's downward spiral, because it would be nice to think that performance quality would count but it's pretty obvious that it was the rumours that the show was rigged for them to win.  Anyway, this was their first messy performance and the first time they got harsh feedback.  And watching this back, did they have stuff stuffed into the front of their pants or?.....

8. Shiane Hawke: Hometown Glory

If you could understand any of the words she was mumbling out apart from "in my hometown" then you should look into a career as a speech pathologist.  Shiane's backstory is heartwarming and all, and I certainly wish her nothing but the best for the future, but her performances were just not acceptable for a televised singing contest.

7. What About Tonight: The Way You Make Me Feel

Wow, did these boys believe their own hype!  They showed a total lack of self awareness in thinking they could pull off Michael Jackson.

6. Carmello Munzone: Whataya Want From Me

Never did get his appeal, one of the two Matt's that got rejected at Judge's Houses would have made a better replacement for He Who Must Not Be Named.  He had no stage prescence and was flat for every note in every performance, minus his one sing off.

5. Fourtunate: Without You

What a disaster of a sing off performance, ironic that they stayed at a 3 to 1 majority after this but were eliminated by the same amount after their best performance of the series.  Of course, this time they were up against the last minuter stand in for the guy who groomed children for naked photo's while the second time they were up against a producer favourite.
They didn't sing in time with each other at all and their individual vocals were off key.

4. Jason Owen: How Do I live

Scary to think that he still made the Top 2 of the votin that week.  Also scary?  It's quite obvious that the rigged rumours are what doomed The Collective and that Sami's Heartless performance made her popularity shoot up in a massive way, but if it hadn't been for Heartless Jason would probably have won!  Think about it, he had never been in the bottom two despite atrocious performances so what would have stopped him taking the top spot?  Shudders, how embarrasing!

3. Justin Standley: The Reason

Yikes, and Ronan was seriously considering taking this decision to deadlock?!  Thank god Mel, in one of her only sensible moves this series, chewed him out for it and talked sense into him, because it would have looked ridiculous if Angel had left that night when the sing off performances were like chalk and cheese.

2. Jason Owen: Heaven

If this were a fair world, Jason would have been the one packing his bags to go home after the first results show.  Of course, it's not a fair world and he made it to second place!  You know his single actually got released onto iTunes?!  It only got to like number 39, so obviously all the Jason supporters crying foul that he was robbed are just full of hot air, however, Sony couldn't possibly have offered him an album deal?!  I mean, record sales are not exactly high at the moment, why would they waste the money when they wouldn't be likely to see much of a return on the investment?

1. Shiane Hawke: Wherever You Will Go

Gah, I feel horrible doing this, Shiane is such a sweet kid but there is no denying that this was the worst performance of the series.  Two whole minutes of someone failing to hit any of the notes they are going for and just sounding squeeky and off key for the entire performance was painful to listen to, at least there was no creepy dancing like any Jason performance that I care to remember, but the vocals were just so BAD!  Odd song choice as well.
Shiane would have had as much chance of staying after this performance as she would have if she had produced a duck from behind her back and strangled it to death on stage.  Then again, if you were just listening and not watching, you could be forgiven for thinking it was the sound of a duck being strangled to death!

So if anyone will actually read this, feel free to add you own list, and I will be back in January (if this site is still active) for reviews of American Idol Season 12!  (God, it's hard to believe Idol is over a decade old now!)